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July 15, 2015

Elliott Wang, Assistant Buyer at Everson Royce, talks to Kelly Church about what it is that sets Everson Royce apart from the typical wine shop.


November 20, 2012

Joe Capella, co-owner of Everson Royce wine shop on Raymond Avenue in Old Town, shares the shop's picks for white and red wines that will go well with a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Los Angeles Magazine Digest:

Why, Yes! We Will Drink Wine with Maynard James Keenan
Lesley Bargar Suter, July 27, 2012

If you didn’t know, Tool and A Perfect Circle front man Maynard James Keenan makes wine—yeah, that guy (pictured). It’s pretty good wine, as far as we’ve heard, which is saying something because his vineyards are in Arizona, known more for cactus and harsh immigration policies than, you know, wine. Well, tonight, Keenan will be representing his Caduceus Cellars label at Everson Royce, the Pasadena wine shop from the folks behind Silver Lake Wine. The alternative rock star will be on hand pouring his vino as part of the shop’s tri-weekly tastings from 5 to 8 p.m. Just try not to spill his Chupacabra Cab-Syrah blend while you’re head-banging. Total party foul, man.

Food GPS:

Everson Royce: Refining Silverlake Wine Vibe in Old Pasadena
Joshua Lurie, June 1, 2012

During my days as a Silver Lake denizen, Silverlake Wine was a de facto community center, with winemakers and chefs finding a forum in Randy Clement, April Langford and George Cossette’s boutique shop. Many Sunday afternoons involved standing amidst bottle-filled retail islands as chefs like Phil & Michelle Wojtowicz (Big Sur Bakery) and Matthew Poley & Tara Maxey (Heirloom LA) presented pairings with winemakers like Bob Lindquist (Qupé) and Maynard James Keenan (Caduceus). The shtick-free proprietors turned me on to a bunch of wines, beers and spirits, and to start May, Clement, Langford, and longtime SLW customer Joe Capella opened Everson Royce across from Pasadena’s Memorial Park.

Hometown Pasadena:

Everson Royce
Kat Ward

A wine shop named after 2-year-old twin boys. 

Everson Royce is the baby of April Langford and Randy Clement (co-owners with George Cossette of Silverlake Wine), along with Joe Capella, a long-time wine collector, patron of SLW, and their “financial know-how guy” in this new venture in an old neighborhood (Old Pasadena). 

Tasting Table:

New City, Familiar Flavors, Pasadena's Everson Royce
May 21, 2012

You may have met Joe Capella if you’ve ever lingered late at one of Silverlake Wine’s Thursday-night tastings. 

Pasadena Now:

Brian Chance, May 3, 2012

This past Saturday, newcomer Everson Royce opened in Heritage Wine’s former haunt next to the Armory Center for the Arts in Old Pasadena on North Raymond Ave. across from Memorial Park. April Langford and Randy Clement – two of the three owners of Silverlake Wine, a Los Angeles shop which curates and offers small production, high quality, artisanal wines – and their long-time friend Joe Capella are behind Everson Royce.

Eater LA:

Everson Royce Bottle Shop Opened by SiLa Wine Mgmt
Kat Odell, May 8, 2012

Heritage Wine Company in Pasadena has been replaced by Everson Royce, a new wine, beer, and spirits shop from Randy Clement and April Langford of Silverlake Wine plus Joe Capella. Clement writes in to say that "From an operational stand point the store is very similar to SLW. On-site wine tastings with wine, spirits, and beer to go." However, at the moment only boutique small production wine is in stock, spirits and beer still to come. And, Everson Royce even dispenses wine on draft - four reds and four whites available daily.

Food & Wine:

October Issue

At this Pasadena wine shop and bar, customers can buy bottles of boutique wines, microbrews and artisan spirits to take home, or have a glass of one of eight California wines on tap, from small, culty producers like Holus Bolus and Copain. Insider’s Tip: Co-owner Randy Clement, who also co-owns the equally great Silverlake Wine, hosts wine tastings every Tuesday and Friday night.


This Week on Good Food: The Thanksgiving Show: BBQ Turkey, Thomas Keller on Leftovers
November 17, 2012

It’s the Thanksgiving show and this year Russ Parsons, Food Editor for the LA Times, joins Evan Kleiman for the entire show to guide cooks and eaters through a flawless Thanksgiving meal. BBQ master Adam Perry Lang offers tips and techniques for cooking your turkey on the grill and vegetarian blogger and cookbook author Evan George hosts a dinner party where a fake turkey is at the center of the meal. Chef Charles Phan and Minimalist Mark Bittman cover Thanksgiving sides and Jonathan Gold talks stuffing. Wine pro Randy Clement suggests wines to pair with your Thanksgiving smorgasbord and chef Thomas Keller has ideas for leftovers. At the Farmers Market pastry chef Roxana Jullapat shares her dessert inspiration and Laura Avery gets ready for the busiest market of the year.

89.3 KPCC Off-Ramp

My Two Sons - Silverlake Wine alums open Everson Royce wine store in Pasadena
John Rabe, May 16, 2012

The first thing you notice when you walk into Everson Royce wine store in Pasadena ... well, besides the hundreds of wine bottles ... is an absence. "Where are the comfortable chairs I can camp out in all night as I slowly get more and more angry at the world?"
And according to Randy Clement, co-owner of the new store with April Langford and Joe Capella, that's the point. It's a lesson he learned as co-owner of Silverlake Wine, which has become a focal point of its neighborhood. No chairs means people wander around, bump into each other, talk, be human. People have met and married at Silverlake Wine; why not at Everson Royce?  

LA Weekly Squid Ink

Everson Royce: Silverlake Wine's Pasadena Spinoff Now Open
Kathy A. McDonald, May 1, 2012

Opened last Saturday,Old Town Pasadena's Everson Royce is not quite a sequel to Silverlake Wine. Think character spinoff. Two out of three Silverlake Wine owners are involved; approximately 25% of the same small-production wine brands are stocked. Potential customers are greeted immediately at the door. Everything else is different, from the look to the wine-tasting schedule and the amount of spirits for sale. Once the inventory is complete, says owner Randy Clement, there will be eight times the amount of hard stuff on hand.